Who We are

Specialized dental clinic

It covers all the specialties of different age  of children, adults and the elderly. It is equipped in a way that meets the international quality standards. The specialized dental and orthodontic clinic provides surgical services to treat all problems facing the teeth, beauty and health and provides all means of care and dental care.

Some of Our Services

We have sufficient experience to perform specialized procedures in dentistry

Teeth straightening

Cure dental problems such as tooth overlapping or spacing

Teeth whitening

Remove color change

Teeth extraction

With proper treatment, tooth extraction is painless and low risk

Treatment of gum disease

To keep your teeth healthy. It also saves you from bad breath

Dental Prostheses

Make up for lost teeth

Dental fillings

When you have a cavity or hole in your tooth your dentist will clean the tooth and then close the hole with a filling

About Dr.Khaled Al-haddad

Director of Specialized Dental and Orthodontic Clinic

Dr. Khaled Al Haddad Dentist Orthodontist Pediatric Orthodontist PhD, M sc, BDS

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